BEERTOWN is Malton's Craft Beer Celebration, turning the town into a 'Theatre of Beer' - with over 50 of the most exciting beers from the best breweries in the UK and beyond.


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As if 70 beers weren’t enough to keep you thoroughly entertained, we are now offering you an opportunity to partake in a daily beer share.

Here’s how it will work. Bring x1 75cl bottle, x2 330ml bottles/cans or x2 440ml cans that you are willing to share with others. (We are particularly looking for modern beers from modern UK and foreign breweries or an old favourite you’ve had stashed away in your cellar. Budweiser or Brewdog Dead Pony will not work!)

Show your interest by signing up on arrival at the check-in desk at the festival entrance. Hand over your beers which will be stored in a fridge until the allotted time for the tasting. Each beer share will last one hour and there will be one or two of them per day depending on the uptake. Up to 10 people per session.

Return to the arrival desk 5 minutes before the allotted time and you will be taken to an exclusive location which will give you a unique perspective of the rest of the festival. We will also politely ask you to support the charity fundraising effort with a donation.

Be ready to tell others why you brought this beer. Is it a special import? A new release? A cellar aged sample? Why do you like/love it or is this the first time you’re going to try it?

Have fun and enjoy the tasting.

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(a) Time(s) yet to be agreed.

(b) The shares on Thursday are limited to festival volunteers and brewers. The Friday and Saturday shares are open to all.